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Aroma Stone Therapy

90- minute session

This native Himalayan treatment goes back to Mother Nature for its soothing and organic ingredients. This ancient treatment are beneficial for smoother flow of Qi and discharges toxins from your systems. You will be filled with inner harmony and well-being.



60/90- minute session

Originate from Hawaii, this is a 60-minute deeply revitalizing massage. Our therapist uses full body techniques, applied with rhythmic grace using thumbs, palms and elbows to reduce tension, leaving the entire body feeling totally relaxed and refreshed


Swedish Massage

60/90- minute session

Pamper yourself with this distinctly full body massage that stimulates blood circulation and soothes tension muscles. Medium in pressure with basic strokes, long firm strokes, kneading and small circular strokes to reduce stress and soothe you into a state of relaxation.


Thai Yoga Massage

60/90/120- minute session

Feel invigorated without of using oil or cream. This massage consists of an overall manipulation of your body using body positions and stretching. The highly relaxing and promotes a youthful and supple body


Balinese Massage

60/90- minute session

An intense, medium to strong deep tissue massage in which therapist use thumb and palm pressure with firm strokes to apply with special blended oil to stimulated blood circulation, improves energy flow and disperses tension.


Nurturing Massage (For Mother-to –be)

60/90- minute session

When a gentle touch is called for, the tender touch with a warmed rice pouch dipped with jojoba oil apply with palm strokes to provide soothing results with our compromising effectiveness. Suitable for mature guests or expectant mothers.


Foot Massage

60/90- minute session

Give overworked feet a good, strong massage that rejuvenates the tired, painful muscles from your soles to the tip of your toes. Skin is additionally nourished with massage oil as well as improve blood circulation

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